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Burial Options

The Cemetery—A Time-honored Tradition

From the ancient Egyptian pyramids to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to a humbly marked space—the idea of a dignified burial at a permanent resting place for our loved ones is a varied and time-honored tradition.

We continue this tradition at Mesa View Cemetery in Delta, Colorado —a peaceful environment for your loved ones to rest with honor. We care for you by caring for this important place—a place you can visit to remember and connect with those who have gone before you.

Taylor’s Mesa View Cemetery — Delta, Colorado


Caskets are typically crafted of wood or metal and there are many dignified options to suit your individual needs. Casket selection is very personal and will depend on economic considerations and the wishes of your loved one. We are committed to helping you select the casket that best suits your family's needs.

Photo of a casket

Outer Burial Containers

As you are planning your funeral service and considering burial options, the topic of outer burial containers may arise. Outer burial containers are often composed of concrete and various types of metal and are used to:

  • Support the weight of the grave.
  • Protect the integrity of the casket.
  • Improve the overall appearance of the cemetery.

Like caskets, we have options for outer burial containers to meet the specific needs of your family.