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Losing a Loved One

Here are some practical details to address after the death of a loved one:

  • Contact Taylor Funeral Service.
  • Notify family members, close friends, employer, and work colleagues. Ask friends or relatives to help you with this.
  • Consider memorial contributions to charitable organizations.
  • Household needs: child care, food, accommodations for relatives, security, transportation.
  • Locate Important documents. Life or disability insurance policies, business agreements, bank books, notes receivable and payable, security certificates, real-estate deeds, wills, recent copies of income tax returns, W-2 forms, marriage certificate, birth certificate, military discharge papers, automobile registration, installment payment books, credit life agreements on charge cards. Do not discard any official document.
  • Keep a record of gifts so acknowledgements can be sent later.
  • Death Certificate—we can help obtain copies and advise on who might need them.
  • Notify insurance companies. Consider settlement options. Determine need to change beneficiary on remaining policies. We can assist you in filing for benefits.
  • Contact Social Security. Learn more
  • Trust Officer—to invest and manage monies.
  • If your loved one lived alone, notify utility companies and the post office.
  • Security. Consider security for your loved ones home.
  • Last Will and Testament. Have it probated in the District Court.
  • Consider the size and complexity of the estate. You might need an accountant or attorney to help.