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Payment Policy

Our policy for the payment of funeral expenses is as follows:

  1. Cash, check or credit card at the time arrangements are completed unless other arrangements have been previously made with the funeral home owner.
  2. Insurance proceeds assigned to the funeral home provided the following requirements are met:
    1. Insurance policy(ies) must be surrendered to the funeral home to confirm the amount of insurance, the correct beneficiary and to verify that the policy is presently in force.
    2. The policy cannot be within the contestable time period and must be confirmed with the home office of the issuing insurance company.
    3. All documents/forms must be signed and completed at the time arrangements are finalized.
  3. If the insurance company is not available or refuses to confirm our request for any of the above information, it then becomes the responsibility of the family to make other financial arrangements.
  4. Under no conditions are we permitted to accept any insurance policy in the contestable period or to accept a verbal statement from the insurance agent without confirmation from the home office of the issuing insurance company. No exceptions.
  5. Group Policies are not assignable and therefore cannot be accepted for payment of funeral expenses. It is the responsibility of the family to collect any group policy.
  6. Taylor funeral service and crematory will not be responsible for collection of payment for any paid obituaries in any newspaper.

Authorization Form

Authorization for Cremation and Disposition